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Hey Everyone! Names Mike

Immersed in the artistry of woodworking from the very grain of the wood, I've cultivated a lifelong passion for transforming timber into timeless creations. With a wealth of experience spanning General Construction, Remodels, Decks, Patios, Retaining Walls, House Cleanouts, and the meticulous touch of Custom Craftsmanship, my journey through the world of wood is etched in every project I undertake. From the sturdy foundations of houses to the intricacies of handcrafted marvels, I bring a symphony of skills to the table, crafting not just structures but stories in wood. Let's carve out your vision together, one masterpiece at a time.


Need a deck built, a room, patio area? We go through the entire process from design through to the finish to make it as smooth as possible!

It all starts with a conversation!

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